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Online seminar series


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The UK National Grid Service (NGS) will be hosting three, 30 minute online seminars through February, highlighting the recent developments in the UK for accessing and managing grid resources.

The seminars are aimed at interested parties from the grid community and further afield who are interested in access management, according to the NGS website.

The first talk, on February 1, is by Mike Jones from the University of Manchester, about how it is possible to access and use NGS resources using institutional login credentials, via the UK Access Management Federation. The second, by John Kewley from the NGS, is about UK e-Science CA, which has issued over 30,000 certificates, and its associated software and interfaces, including CertWizard, which is a browser-independent certificate tool.

The third, by Josh Howlett, is about federated identify and Project Moonshot, which aims to develop a single unified and standardized approach that satisfies all of the authentication and authorisation requirements of the education & research community.

How to take part

The seminars will be broadcast online on February 1, 8 and 15, at 10.30am (GMT) and will last for 30 min with an opportunity for questions.  They will also be recorded and be available after the event.

To join the seminar please use EVO which requires free registration.  We recommend that you do this at least a day in advance of the seminar.  To join the seminar please go to which will take you directly to the seminar room.

The seminar will also be available through Access Grid.  Using the Access Grid toolkit join the "VRVS - Urbis" Virtual Venue.  If you are using IOCOM you'll find this Venue in the UK shared Venues drop-down list.

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