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Women in Grid - iSGTW coverage

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In celebration of March as Women's History Month, iSGTW created a compilation of articles about women in grid computing.

On this page, find links to many of the articles featuring women that we’ve published over the last few years.


8 September 2010, Profile - People behind the European Grid Initiative: Tiziana Ferrari

11 August 2010, NetLogo: A low threshold, no ceiling language

16 June 2010, Grid makes drug discovery "crystal clear"

28 April 2010, Opinion: What would Linnaeus do?

24 Feb 2010, And the Barbie career contest winner is . . .  Computer Engineer

3 Feb 2010, Video of the week: Computation and tomography

3 Feb 2010, Women of Vision Awards Banquet

27 Jan 2010, The grid that sifts for dark matter

27 Jan 2010, Vote for your favorite Barbie career

13 Jan 2010, CERN School of Computing, at the “Mecca of physics”

16 Dec 2009, An interview with the “particle zoo-keeper”

2 Dec 2009, I see crime scenes

18 Nov 2009 Women in IT: Lebanon (featuring Claire Devereux)

18 Nov 2009, HSVO connects the dots

11 Nov 2009 Big science facilities meet the cloud

29 July 2009, A week at CERN (featuring Ilaria Marchese)

17 Jun 2009, Swine flu and the grid: A researcher's view

3 Jun 2009 Amoolya Singh, computation and biology

3 Jun 2009, Grid promotes diversity in biotechnology at Virginia State

22 Apr 2009 Flood of data can help prevent hurricane damage (featuring Gabrielle Allen)

22 Apr 2009 Embrace Failure! (featuring Patricia Kovatch)

15 Apr 2009 A Day for Ada (featuring Ada Lovelace)

8 Apr 2009 Clouds make way for STAR to shine (featuring Kate Keahey)

8 Apr 2009 Freya Blekman, from hockey to Higgs

1 Apr 2009 From Martinique to Marseilles to Medaka (featuring Mirana Ramialison) 

1 Apr 2009 Putting a bolder face on Google (featuring Marissa Mayer)

25 Mar 2009 Barbara Liskov wins Turing Award

25 Mar 2009 Maxine Brown: Visionary

25 Mar 2009 Women in the Open Science Grid (featuring Ruth Pordes, Gabrielle Allen, Mine Altunay, Alina Bejan, Britta Daudert, Ewa Deelman, Elizabeth Chism, Lisa Giaime)

18 Mar 2009 Editorial, women in grid computing

18 Mar 2009 Single and playing hard to get (featuring Cecilia Gerber)

18 Mar 2009 Facing the skills shortage: attracting more women to ICT

18 Mar 2009 Call for nominations: Anita Borg Awards

18 Mar 2009 Image of the Week: Dilbert and performance reviews

11 Mar 09 Through the gateway into the realm . . . to get results (featuring Nancy Wilkins-Diehr)

11 Mar 09  TeraGrid's Nancy Wilkins-Diehr: "Follow what you enjoy"

11 Mar 09 Be still, my heart (featuring Thushka Maharaj, Blanca Rodriguez)

21 Jan 09 Observing the grid (featuring Cécile Germain)

07 Jan 09 Divide and conquer: distributed graphics rendering (featuring Laura Arns, Nicoletta Adamo-Villani) 

08 Oct 08 Stateside celebration at the bi-continental LHC Grid Fest (featuring Patricia McBride and Susan Turnbull)

24 Sep 08 Grids meet aliens and androids (featuring Ana Gago Da Silva)

17 Sep 08 NGS,Grids and kids and more (Georgina Ellis)

10 Sep 08 Podcasting from beam day (Patricia Mendes Lorenzo, on GridCast)

03 Sep 08 SDSC director urges academia to make cyberinfrastructure "real" (featuring Fran Berman)

13 Aug 08 Youngest-ever at grid summer school? (featuring 15-yr-old Iris Schott) 

6 Aug, 2008, LHC - The underground movie, (featuring Katie McAlpine, alias "AlpineKat," who produced and starred in this very popular rap video)

25 Jun 08 Bonus feature: readers talk back about standards (featuring Oxana Smirnova, Gaby Lenhart, Ruth Pordes)

25 Jun 08 Stargazing in broad daylight (featuring Connie Rockosi, Edee Wiziecki, Britt Lundgren)

04 Jun 08 Paola Celio: ARGO, ATLAS and growing the grid (featuring physicist Paola Celio and her work in Tibet and Egypt)

28 May 08 Claim jumping through scientific literature (featuring Catherine Blake)

07 May 08 WISDOM unplugged: malaria drug leads graduate to wet lab (featuring Ana Lucia Da Costa) 

30 Apr 08  The new Nimbus: first steps in the clouds (featuring Kate Keahey)

09 Jan 08 United we compute: FermiGrid continues to yield results (featuring Eileen Berman)

12 Dec 07 Online grid schools, high school grid projects and intensive grid workshops: get on the grid with OSG Education (featuring Alina Bejan)

05 Dec 07 The world’s climate data from a one-stop-shop (featuring  Kerstin Ronneberger)

07 Nov 07 Distributed security: keeping Open Science Grid closed to intruders (featuring Mine Altunay) 

07 Nov 07 “CIC-On-Duty”: smooth operations behind the scenes (featuring  Hélène Cordier)

07 Nov 07, I'm being shadowed: voices from the GAP (Shadowing Day at EGEE and in the IT dept of CERN)

31 Oct 07 Grids work like a CHARMM for molecular dynamics (featuring Ana Damjanovic)

19 Sep 07  Pegasus invites new communities to saddle up (featuring Ewa Deelman)

15 Aug 07 Roaming mike - Voices from the OSG Great Plains Summer School (featuring Alina Bejan, Estelle Huff, Rebecca Ryan)

11 Jul 07  More than just computing power: earth science on EGEE (featuring Monique Petitdider)

21 Mar 07 Open Science Grid takes stock and sets new goals (featuring Fran Berman, Ruth Pordes)  

07 Mar 07 The CMS "Top 100" (featuring Tulika Bose) 

07 Feb 07 Geneticists' gateway to the grid (featuring Margie Romine)