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17 April 2013

Last week, iSGTW was at the European Grid Infrastructure Community Forum 2013. Find out what Nancy Rothwell, Peter Coveney, Kostas Glinos, and Steven Newhouse had to say during the opening plenary session. The quartet touch on a range of topics, from the importance of human capital and uniting e-infrastructures, to open access and future funding mechanisms.


In 2012, the United States suffered its worst drought in 24 years, which led to the worst harvest yields in nearly two decades. Read how scientists are using this data to validate crop yield and climate impact models that simulate the effects of climate on agriculture.


Michael Hortmann, a leading expert in cryptography from the University of Bremen will be chairing a session on cryptography and security at this year’s International Supercomputing ’13 conference.


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Catherine Gater reports from the 5th CAPRI Evaluation Meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The event focused on assessing and improving the performance of docking methods in predicting the 3D structure of protein complexes.


With access to significantly more computational power, researchers can provide more accurate earthquake predictions with the potential to save lives and minimize property damage. Read about advances in developing code to cut both research times and...


Behind the excellent results from CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) lies the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid – a giant that never sleeps. Find out more in this article from the CERN Courier...


Renowned computer scientist Paul Messina delivers Peebles Memorial Lecture at Indiana University in Bloomington, US. The university awarded Messina the distinguished Thomas Hart Benton Mural Medallion at the dedication and launch of Big Red II, the...