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Why advanced computing matters

The penguins from Madagascar go on a mission to explain why HPC is so essential to a nation's prosperity and competitive edge. Video courtesy of the Council on Competitiveness.

Have you ever tried to explain to a friend or relative why advanced computing is so essential to society?

Depending on your audience, it can be a tough task. But now you have a handy visual aid: this week's visual.

The video, which features the well-loved penguins from the movie Madagascar, was created by Dreamworks in partnership with the Council on Competitiveness. The COC, according to their website, is a US non-governmental organization that works "to ensure US prosperity" and "address America's long-term competitiveness challenges."

It is particularly ironic, then, that we first stumbled across the video on Compute Canada's website; doubtless, they felt that the benefits of the clear explanations and arguments the video features outweigh the disadvantages of a few American references here and there.

After all, science and computing care little for borders, and the powers conferred through access to advanced computing are the same everywhere.

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