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Videos of the week - Cloud computing video contest

Videos of the week - Cloud computing video contest

The term cloud computing is on everyone's lips. But what, exactly, does it mean?

To help clear up the cloud confusion, cloud solution provider Appirio is offering a meaty cash prize to the best video that can both entertain and explain cloud computing in under two minutes. The grand prize for the top video is $3000 US; the first runner up will receive $1000 US, and four honorable mentions will each get $250 US.

One contestant named Kyle Roche has already broken the two-minute limit with his DataCenter Super Heroes two-part series. In spite of the fact that each episode is five minutes long, the narrative structure and pithy humor make these videos stand out from the crowd of contestants.

Here's some of our favorite entries:

Top entries in the "What is cloud computing?" video contest
In "Mr. Token Ring sees the light," Token Ring explains to Power Service Prince why he's thinking of leaving DataCenter Super Heroes to join a leading cloud consulting firm.

Video by Kyle Roche.

In "The Interview," a cloud computing consultant interviews Token Ring for a position with the cloud computing firm.

Video by Kyle Roche.

At publication time, this video is the top submission that actually meets the contest requirements of explaining cloud computing in under two minutes.

Created by Matt Ballek. Music by Ryan Cashman.

This video explains cloud computing in about one and a half minutes. Unfortunately, it focuses on consumer applications of cloud technology, such as Gmail.

Video by Xyro Productions.

Entries are due 3 November 2009. To learn more about the contest, visit the contest's website or YouTube group.

Want lengthier, more detailed explanations of cloud computing? Check out the collection of videos we gathered by visiting our "What is cloud computing?" page.

Do you love or hate one of these videos? Got an opinion you'd like to share? Visit our Facebook and Nature Networks forums to discuss why these videos are wrong — or spot on.

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