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Using hand gestures to explore geospatial data

CSIRO product enables hand gestures to explore geospatial data. Video courtesy Jonathan Khoo.

Jonathan Khoo, from Australia's national science agency, recently demonstrated a Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) product he developed that enables the use of hand gestures to explore geospatial data.

The dataset is from December 2006, during a month plagued by bush fires and dust storms across Australia. Researchers created the globe to showcase these events at an upcoming air particle conference.

The product uses the Leap Motion Controller (released 22 July 2013) WebGL to display a high-resolution data set. The data shown is the output of a global atmospheric simulation.

The simulation took eight days to complete on the National Computational Infrastructure’s Raijin, Australia's most powerful supercomputer.

- Amber Harmon

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