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The power of TACC at your fingertips!

With the TACC mobile app browse feature stories and news, the events calendar, and system and software resources. Image courtesy Amber Harmon.

The Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) in Austin, US, has launched a mobile app that not only helps researchers and scientists use TACC’s advanced computing resources, but also helps lay audiences see the value of high-performance computing. The iOS app is available in Apple's App Store. TACC also offers a mobile-optimized web app, accessible via any mobile web browser.

To read more about the app and its features, visit the TACC website."The TACC app offers valuable news and information about the role of supercomputing in society, and helps our users manage their science wherever they go," said Matthew Hanlon, manager of TACC's Web & Mobile Applications group. "For scientists who use TACC systems, the app offers important features on the go, such as push notifications for services (including user news, consulting updates, and HPC job status changes). The Web & Mobile Applications group is currently working on a native app for Android phones that will be available through the Google Play Store.

- Amber Harmon

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