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Mapping Michelangelo's David

The resolution researchers were able to achieve in this rendering of Michelangelo's "David" is astonishing. Image courtesy of the SCI Institute.

This image may look like a photograph, but it isn't.

To create this image, members of The Digital Michelangelo Project conducted a laser-scan of the well-known statue entitled "David." The laser-scan generated four 2-gigapixel-sized frames (29280 x 70416 pixels).

These were rendered using the Manta Interactive Ray Tracer (which is open source); each frame required 1,920 CPU-hours (30 hours on 64 cores) on The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute's cluster, which consists of 264  core SGI UV 1000 with 2.8 TB of RAM and 2.67 GHz Intel Xeon X7542 cores.

To learn more about their imaging methods, check out the SCI Institute's press release.

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