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iSGTW Image of the Week - Fostering conditions to leverage CI

Image of the week - Fostering conditions to leverage the rich and evolving CI that surround us 

Image courtesy of Patricia Hilton and GSA OIS.

This mural by Patricia Hilton represents what she heard at a preparatory discussion for the 16 September workshop Strategic Leadership For Networking and Information Technology Education , sponsored by the GSA Office of Intergovernmental Solutions.

The office leads monthly Collaborative Expedition workshops to advance the quality of citizen-government dialogue and intergovernmental collaborations.

This workshop aimed to create the basis for a broad and successful coordination effort to build leadership in Networking and Information Technology (NIT) education. 

It addressed fundamental workforce and educational goals that must be met in order to preserve U.S. leadership in NIT and ensure growth and prosperity:

  • ensure the current generation is prepared to employ NIT capabilities effectively
  • empower the next generation to create new technologies and concepts
  • promote the innovative use of NIT capabilities to enhance education and training
  • understand the impact of NIT on learning and education

See agenda and slides from presenters, in particular, highlights from the report on ''Fostering Learning in the Networked World: The Cyberlearning Opportunities and Challenges'' by Linda Slakey, NSF-Education and Human Resources (EHR) Directorate.

Joint workshop sponsors in addition to GSA, include the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee and Best Practices Committee of the Federal CIO Council, and the National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development, Social, Economic and Workforce Implications of IT and IT Workforce Development Coordinating Group.

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