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Image of the Week - iSGTW in Amsterdam

iSGTW in Amsterdam

Image courtesy GridTalk. (Click on image for large, PDF version)

Coming to you from Amsterdam is the EGI Technical Forum, the first event after taking over the reins from EGEE. Thanks to GridTalk’s GridCast, you can now get (nearly) the same experience as those attending in person.

You will be able to get the latest via twitter, see and hear events by podcast, and enjoy the highlights .

Held from 14- to 17- September, this event promises to showcase grid technologies and connect developers, users and newcomers to distributed computing. The major theme of the meeting, achieved through technical sessions, a demonstration and exhibition area, networking space and events, will be to establish collaborations between the new and the current European Distributed Computing Infrastructure projects to meet the needs and requirements of the research community.

Can’t make it in person? With GridCast, you can be there in virtual form to catch the latest — albeit without being able to personally sample the region’s famed foods, city sights and museums in real life.

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