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Content about ISC events

September 18, 2013

iSGTW speaks to CERN openlab’s Sverre Jarp, ahead of this month’s inaugural ISC Big Data conference in Heidelberg, Germany. Jarp, who is the general chair of the event, picks his highlights from the conference program and tells us why big data presents exciting opportunities, but also poses challenges, for enterprise and HPC alike. 

August 15, 2012

The ISC Cloud’12 conference is on September 24 to 25 2012, in Manheim, Germany. ISGTW is a media partner of the event. As a build up, the chairman of ISC cloud conferences has interviewed a key speaker. Manish Parashar, founding director of large-scale computational resources at Rutgers and the National Science Foundation, talks about the role of clouds in computational and data-enabled science and engineering, and how these applications can benefit from clouds.