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Content about Biodiversity

March 11, 2015

The European-Commission-funded SemaGrow project aims to introduce agricultural researchers to technologies around big data. As more and more data is published online, exciting new opportunities are arising to create added value by combining and cross-indexing heterogeneous datasets at a large scale. To make the most out of these opportunities, agricultural researchersneed access toinfrastructure that is not only efficient, responsive, and scalable, but which is also sufficiently flexible and robust to welcome data in a wide variety of forms. 

October 29, 2014

Rainforest Connection uses simple devices created from discarded cellphones to listen out for illegal logging activities and provide rangers with real-time alerts. The organization was founded in 2012 by Topher White, who gave a talk about his work at TEDxCERN last month. White’s system has already helped stop illegal logging in Indonesia and further pilot projects are set to be launched soon in both Brazil and Cameroon.

October 23, 2013

The EUBrazilOpenBio project has published a new joint action plan, outlining it's vision for increased cooperation to tackle biodiversity loss. The document marks an important step towards understanding how to address biodiversity challenges more effectively by creating a joint data and cloud infrastructure for Brazil and Europe. 

April 24, 2013

BioVeL is a European virtual e-laboratory that supports research on biodiversity issues using large amounts of data from cross-disciplinary sources. 

January 23, 2013

Brazil has one of the highest levels of plant biodiversity in the world, but many local habitats are under pressure. Find out how the EUBrazilOpenBio project is using cloud computing to help conservation efforts in the region.



March 2, 2011

A new online platform makes it easier to keep track of biological research data.