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Science Clouds 2011 debunks cloud myths and more

Clouds over Mapur. CC BY-NA-SA 3.0 C. Frank Starmer.

Earlier this month, researchers interested in cloud computing gathered in San Jose, California for the Science Cloud 2011 Workshop.

A few of our favorite bloggers who were in attendance have highlighted a presentation by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Shane Canon entitled, "Debunking Some Common Misconceptions of Science in the Cloud."

In the presentation, Canon addresses five of the most common misconceptions/myths that surround science in the cloud:

  • Clouds are simple to use and don’t require system administrators.
  • My job will run immediately in the cloud.
  • Clouds are more efficient.
  • Clouds allow you to ride Moore’s Law without additional investment.
  • Commercial Clouds are much cheaper than operating your own system.

You can find out what precisely he has to say by downloading the PDF of his presentation here. And if you're intrigued, check out more presentations on the Science Cloud 2011 Workshop's website.

Via the Astronomy Computing Today blog.

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