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Link of the Week - WLCG, Live from London


Link of the Week: WLCG, Live from London

Image courtesy GridTalk

Last week, from 7 to 9 July, GridCast headed over to the WLCG workshop, held at Imperial College London, to find out all the latest LHC and grid related news.

Their team of bloggers was on hand throughout the meeting to get the lowdown from Tiers 0 through to 3, as well as all the LHC experiments.

Highlights from the blog include video interviews with Ian Fisk of CMS, and Jamie Shiers who leads the grid support group in the IT department at CERN. There’s also some great discussions on storage, courtesy of blogger James Jackson.

But that’s not all! Take a look at more videos, photos and discussion from last week’s WLCG workshop at the GridCast blog.

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