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Link of the week - iSGTW's new Facebook page

Link of the week - iSGTW’s new Facebook page

We hope you had fun last week browsing through our Nature Networks forums. This week, we hope that those of you who use Facebook will have just as much fun signing up for our Facebook fan page!

Why the change? Let’s face it. Many Facebook users only visit group pages once in a blue moon. The status updates of a fan page, on the other hand, will appear in your friend feed. Now, to keep up with us, you just have to become a fan. Facebook takes care of the rest!

This is your chance to engage with each other and explore science cyberinfrastructure in greater depth. Ask the questions that have been nagging at you for far too long, or lend a hand by answering someone else's questions! Start a discussion, or give iSGTW feedback. It will be what you make of it.

To become a fan, click here.


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