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Link of the Week - GPU Technology Conference

Link of the Week - GPU Technology Conference


This photograph was taken at the 2009 GPU Technology Conference.

Image courtesy nVIDIA.

Last week, computing expert Greg Pfister told us why he thinks that cheap GPU-based supercomputing is coming to an end. And as iSGTW readers from around the world read that article, other computing experts gathered in San Jose for the GPU Technology Conference, an event with a very different underlying perspective.

Sponsored by nVIDIA, the GTC offered separate streams for researchers, developers, and industry.

NVIDIA created daily video recaps for the three-day event. The source aside, they are a quick and convenient way to find out about some of the most interesting presentations from the event.

You can go directly to video one, two, and three to watch them, or read more about the conference by browsing VizWorld posts tagged as “gtc” at our link of the week.

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