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Link of the week - Blogs from SC08 on GridCast

Link of the week - Straight from the horse’s mouth: GridCast from Austin

Image courtesy of David Wallom

An exhibitor’s eye view

 “My posts on this blog will try to give an exhibitor’s eye view of the conference, so I have my camera with me and will keep my Flickr updated with pictures from the floor (tagged Supercomputing08) ... I'll also be twittering and using the the #SC08 tag so keep an eye on that too for musings from me and others,” blogs GridTalk's Neasan O'Neill, of  GridPP and EGEE.

To bring you more perspectives are

  • David Wallom, technical manager of the Oxford e-Research Centre and technical director of the UK National Grid Service.
  • Claire Devereux who manages the UK & Ireland regional consortium in the EGEE and NGS projects and is also involved in grid computing outreach and dissemination activities.
  • Tim Rupp who works with the Computer Security Team at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois where he spends most of his time on the technical implementation of the lab’s security policy.
  • Ben Clifford, an erstwhile mathematician turned software developer, training guru for Open Science Grid ... and global barhopper.
  • Maybe more intrepid conference-hoppers will join as the week goes on. If you're here at SC08 and want to join the blogging fun, just shoot a note...

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