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Keck Observatory opens up

The Keck Observatory is pictured above. Image courtesy of the Keck Observatory.

Last week, the Keck Observatory Archive released data from one of its earliest instruments: the Near Infrared Camera 2 (NIRC2).

The data includes over 400,000 files with a total volume of 1.25 terabytes. Moving forward, new observations will be moved to the archive the afternoon following the observations, although they will only be available to collaboration members for the first 18 months.

The Archive also contains data from HIRES and NIRSPEC, and presently contains over 10 terabytes of data.

Interested in more information about this week's spotlight? Check out the blog post about the data release on Bruce Berriman's Astronomy Computing Today.

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The NIRC2 data are accessible at the Keck Observatory Archive home page:

- Bruce Berriman

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