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iSGTW Link of the Week - The Economist

Link of the Week - The Economist’s take on a conference in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque as seen from the rooftops of the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul during EGEE ’08. Image courtesy of Dan Drollette

So, we all got a good look at Istanbul during EGEE ’08, and had a chance to meet our colleagues, learn about new developments in the grid, attend lectures and seminars, and explore a bit of Istanbul and its culture—such as visiting the Blue Mosque, or bargaining for goods in the Grand Bazaar.

But what did others think of us attendees and our culture? What did they observe of the way we conduct business, and our foibles?

To find out, take a look at the latest Correspondent’s Column in The Economist, in which writer Natasha Loder describes her first experience with the computational crowd, in a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek way.

(Loder was the key presenter at a session on  Working with Journalists.)

Warning: Part of The Economist’s headline says “An odd crowd congregates in a stunning city.”

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