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Acronym of the Week

Acronym of the Week: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

How do you spell Recommended External Software for EGEE CommuniTies? Image of Aretha Franklin courtesy

Over the last year, the number of packages in the RESPECT program has nearly doubled. RESPECT (Recommended External Software for EGEE CommuniTies) publicizes software packages that work well with gLite middleware.

Why is this useful? It allows users to do more with the grid (providing additional functionality), helps users avoid “reinventing the wheel” by providing tools — schedulers or workflow mangers for example — that work for many situations, and it helps users port new applications to the grid faster.

Are you using RESPECT? The full list of RESPECT packages can be found on the EGEE Web site.

Danielle Venton, EGEE

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