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Link - And the winner is . . .


Link: And the winner is . . .

Computer Engineer Barbie. Image courtesy Mattel

About a month ago, we ran a story in this space that mentioned the “Vote for your favorite Barbie career” contest, in which we noted that “computer engineer” was a nominee for the first time.

We quipped that “if all 5,806 iSGTW readers voted, we could swing the Barbie election.”

Apparently, some of you took this to heart.

According to Mattel’s official Barbie vote website, the Popular Vote Winner is . . . Computer Engineer, whose outfit and accessories you can see at right.

The company’s press release says that to create an authentic look, “Barbie designers worked closely with the Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering to develop the wardrobe . . . Computer Engineer Barbie is geek chic.”

Preliminary responses from iSGTW readers ran the gamut. One wrote that “She looks cooler than most computer engineers of my acquaintance.” Another, however, looked askance at Barbie’s pink laptop.

One eagle-eyed reader expressed surprise that “she’s not wearing high heels.”

In case you’re curious, the Barbie vote site has a link to Barbie Careers Retro, which features the company’s take on the doll’s role in pop culture and her differerent professions throughout the years since she was first introduced in 1959.

Meanwhile, a reader asked what the Ken engineering doll would look like.

Dan Drollette, iSGTW. Fermilab is hosting a website devoted to its plans for Women's History Month, and CERN will be hosting its own special events for International Women’s Day on March 8th. You can see iSGTW’s previous coverage of women in computing at our Women in Grid archive.

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