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Image of the Week - CMS


Image of the week - CMS


In the world of physics, “compact” is a relative term. Here is a view of the “Compact” Muon Solenoid, or CMS, as shot by Peter McCready, who has been creating a series of panoramic views of all the large experiments. Last in the series, this shows CMS in a 360-degree, rotating view, with natural sound, when you click on the picture above.

For each image, 102 separate, individual photos were shot,  then stitched together into one seamless 40MP spherical image, much like an old-fashioned cyclorama. Each image takes as much as four weeks to complete in the his digital darkroom. When coupled with ambient sound that he recorded at the site, the user gets what McCready calls a  “Virtual Reality” experience.

Image courtesy of Peter McCready



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