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28 August 2013

Psychopathy affects nearly one in five of adult prison inmates in the US. For society at large, the costs of this single issue are between $200 and $400 billion dollars annually.

“But this is not necessarily an untreatable or unsolvable problem," says Mike Koenigs. "One issue is that we haven't yet dedicated adequate resources to understanding this disorder...” Read about his unique research and its implications for the future.


The US National Science Foundation’s XSEDE project now has the speed and agility to keep pace with discovery and innovation in the big data era. Internet2’s new 100G (Ethernet) national network provides the backbone for XSEDEnet and will enable improved performance for data transfers as well as facilitate access to new applications like the XSEDE-Wide File System. Read about the updates and future software-defined network capabilities.


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Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory used supercomputers to model ocean vortexes and their effect on floating oil rigs. Their work has won industry awards — increasing safety and reducing potential harm to deep sea environments....


As iSGTW celebrates its 10th anniversary, Katie Yurkewicz, the publication’s first editor, looks back at the challenges of establishing an e-newsletter to support the fledgling grid-computing community and highlights how the...


This issue marks the 10th anniversary of iSGTW. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and all those who have contributed to the publication over the last decade.