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27 March 2013

The Open Science Grid held an all hands meeting at Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis, US, to focus on the computational needs of research and academic communities at every scale. Read about the success of this versatile consortium and the many disciplines it enables.


'CRISP', is a European project established to help encourage and enable collaborating partners to combine their know-how and complementary expertise in the field of physics research in an effective manner. iSGTW reports from their 2nd Annual meeting, which was held at the Paul Scherrer Institute last week.


Pronto Diagnostics, a leading provider of molecular diagnostic products and services from Israel, is using distributed computing resources to improve DNA sequencing techniques. Thanks to the European Grid Infrastructure and Israel’s IsraGrid, it’s as easy as AGCT!


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The Human Brain project made headlines earlier this year as one of two EU flagship projects that won 1 billion euros' worth of funding over the next decade. Nages Sieslack interviews project leader Henry Markram ahead of his keynote speech at...


One of the highlights of the recent TedxCERN conference was a talk given by Ian Foster, widely known as one of the founders of grid computing. He also spoke to an audience of CERN IT department staff about Globus Online and the challenges of big...


“Computational science is becoming more and more important to the students who know they want to continue with research,” says Peter Bui, assistant professor of computer science at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, US. “...


Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, US, have mathematically described the stages in the complex formation and disappearance of foamy bubbles. Read about the challenges they faced and the industrial processes their work will impact...