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1 October 2014

Last week, iSGTW attended the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Fourth Plenary Meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The RDA, which is supported by funding bodies from Australia, Europe, and the US, seeks to build social and technical bridges in order to facilitate better sharing of research data. The organization has grown rapidly over the 18 months for which it has existed and now boasts over 1,600 individual members from over 70 countries. Last week also saw the release of the first outputs by four of the RDA’s working groups.


With one patient-record provider dominating 80% of the US market, a single dental school had slim hopes of finding a solution to meet their needs … until now. A collaboration of academic research centers, government agencies, and industry is working to launch the first cloud-based electronic health record for dental practice and education.


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Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory used supercomputers to model ocean vortexes and their effect on floating oil rigs. Their work has won industry awards — increasing safety and reducing potential harm to deep sea environments....


As iSGTW celebrates its 10th anniversary, Katie Yurkewicz, the publication’s first editor, looks back at the challenges of establishing an e-newsletter to support the fledgling grid-computing community and highlights how the...


This issue marks the 10th anniversary of iSGTW. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers and all those who have contributed to the publication over the last decade.