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iSGTW Feature - Grid Technology Cookbook provides recipe for success


Feature - Grid Technology Cookbook provides recipe for success

The Grid Technology Cookbook has something for everyone, offering a comprehensive look at grid technologies developing around the world.
Image courtesy of SURA

Just as an ordinary cookbook provides everything you need to achieve in the kitchen, SURA’s recently released Grid Technology Cookbook brings together everything you need to achieve in grid computing.

Introducing basic grid concepts and case studies through to more in-depth topics such as grid programming and standards, the cookbook is intended to assist researchers and technical professionals in understanding and implementing grid technology.

“The Grid Technology Cookbook can bring people up to speed quickly,” says Paul Avery, physics professor at the University of Florida and member of the Open Science Grid Executive Board. “This includes administrators, program officers, scientific project leaders and scientists who need to expand their computational scale. It will serve as valuable reading material for the participants in our grid training classes.”

Proof is in the pudding

Russ Miller, distinguished professor of computer science and engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo, has already used the Grid Technology Cookbook in a recent class.

“Students found the scope and organization of topics in the Cookbook to be highly relevant and coherent,” he says. “I look forward to using it as an ongoing, prime source in my classes.”

The cookbook includes a case study of the SCOOP Storm Surge Model grid application, which focuses on numerical modeling, real-time data exchange and 24/7 operational prediction and visualization for storm surge, wind, waves and surface currents during severe storms and hurricanes.
Image courtesy of SURA

Parvati Dev of the Stanford School of Medicine is also planning to use the cookbook in her classes. “The SURA Grid Technology Cookbook is an impressive accomplishment,” she says. “It is a really comprehensive view of grids today.”

Collaborative ingredients

Twenty-two individuals from 19 organizations provided the content and peer review for the Grid Technology Cookbook, input that co-editor Mary Trauner says was extremely valuable.

“Creating a work of this type can be challenging,” Trauner says. “Everything from developing the outline to content integration and review begins as a grand vision that is then tempered by the realities of busy schedules, shifting priorities and ongoing development of the technology itself. We especially appreciate the commitment and perseverance of contributors to version 1 of the cookbook, and we look forward to collaborating for future versions.”

Mary Fran Yafchak, co-editor and SURA IT program coordinator, is very pleased with the results of this effort. “The Grid Technology Cookbook is a valuable and timely addition to SURA’s activities to increase the breadth and effective use of cyberinfrastructure,” she said.

The Grid Technology Cookbook was developed with major support from SURA, including a grant from the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center and start-up funding from the International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory and Open Science Grid.

- Mary Fran Yafchak, SURA 


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