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From the Editor

From the Editor: I is for International

(Image credit SLAC)

Welcome to the first issue of International Science Grid This Week. Like its predecessor Science Grid This Week, this new publication will bring you weekly news about the people and projects involved in grid computing and the science that relies on it, but with a new worldwide focus.

The iSGTW newsletter will continue to be emailed free to subscribers and available through an RSS feed. The iSGTW Web site will act as a portal to content featured in the weekly newsletter and, in the future, to additional scientific grid computing information on the Web.

iSGTW is a collaboration between the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project in Europe and the Open Science Grid project in the United States. While these projects support the newsletter, iSGTW will continue Science Grid This Week’s tradition of independently reporting news and information from many different scientific grids.

Submissions and suggestions for iSGTW are welcomed and encouraged. If you have an idea for a grid-related article, announcement, image, link, or other content, please contact a member of the editorial staff.

We hope you enjoy iSGTW’s debut issue and that you return every week for more news about scientific grid computing worldwide.

-Katie Yurkewicz, iSGTW Editor-in-Chief

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