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Young stars in scientific computing

Image courtesy CERN.

Discover the next generation of budding talent in the world of science and e-infrastructures.

Also, perhaps you yourself are an aspiring computer scientist or engineer? Find out how you can use your desktop computer or mobile phone to aid in global, cutting-edge research...

Join the dots to measure antimatter
11 September, 2013

Volunteer computing goes mobile to help fight HIV/AIDS
21 August, 2013

Get ready for LHC collisions on your mobile phone
21 August, 2013

Here comes the sun: Harvard and the World Community Grid light the way to affordable solar cells
3 July, 2013

Bui inspires new fans of distributed computing
22 May, 2013

Building a neural network in your bedroom
15 May, 2013

Building the world's fastest car
10 April, 2013

Building a wind-tunnel computer to help fight cancer
30 January, 2013

Desktop power helps map protein dance
9 January, 2013

Bored over the holidays? Why not enter our writing competition?
19 December, 2013

Google Science Fair winner builds neural network to fight cancer
5 December, 2012

Computing for Sustainable Water Project comes to an end
14 November, 2012

Announcing the EGI Writing Prize 2013 in association with iSGTW
26 September, 2012

Building a supercomputer with Raspberry Pi and Legos
19 September, 2012

Rolling in the Higgs
12 September, 2012

Go on a particle quest at the first CERN hackfest
15 August, 2012