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Issue 4: iSGTW 06 December 2006

 The Earth System Grid: Climate Data for the Global Community

Results from the Parallel Climate Model depicting wind vectors, surface pressure, sea surface temperature and sea ice concentration. Prepared from data published in the Earth System Grid by Gary Strand, NCAR.
For the past two years, the Earth System Grid has helped scientists around the world study, analyze and predict all facets of the Earth’s climate. This U.S. data grid provides almost 160 terabytes of climate-related simulation data to scientists worldwide through two portals.

Through the first portal, more than 3,000 scientists can find and download 130 terabytes of data hosted at four U.S. supercomputing centers: The National Center for Atmospheric Research; and Oak Ridge, Lawrence Berkeley, and Los Alamos National Laboratories. The data represents six years of U.S. earth system and climate modeling simulations.

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Feature - Science

How the Grid Helps You SEE How the Grid Helps You SEE
Eye surgery is always a delicate and worrying process, but for sufferers of the condition known as strabismus, it can be even worse. A person with the strabismus condition, known more commonly as cross- or wall-eyed, cannot align both eyes simultaneously under normal conditions.

“Doctors generally use books to decide how to proceed with strabismus surgery,” says Karoly Bosa from Austria’s Johannes Kepler University.

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Feature - Science

Zeolites An Immense Database of Indispensable Materials
Without zeolites your car wouldn't run; every molecule of gasoline burned in your car was refined using these crystalline microporous materials. Gas prices what they are, you might have a love-hate relationship with your car, but consider this: Without zeolites, the big-brains of this world would have to come up with new ways to produce everything from medical-grade oxygen to laundry detergent to asphalt.

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Link of the Week

Grid Computing on WikipediaGrid Computing on Wikipedia
The Grid Computing page on Wikipedia, the free and user-created Web encyclopedia, was featured as a link of the week in one of the first issues of the original Science Grid This Week. One and a half years later, the content of the page has received some much-needed updating, but it could still use your help.

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Image of the Week - Science

Data from the LHC Experiments:
From Collision to Discovery

Data from the LCH Experiments

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Statistic of the Week

$0.10 $0.10
The amount charged per computing hour by Amazon’s computing-on-demand service. One gigabyte of data storage per month costs $0.15. Amazon’s service, and others like it, may revolutionize the way scientists use computing power.

Source:Amazon puts network power online” at news @

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EGEE User Forum Call for Abstracts
Abstract submission is now open for the second EGEE User Forum. The User Forum will be held May 9-11, 2007, in Manchester, UK, in conjunction with the 20th Open Grid Forum. Proposals for oral and poster presentations and practical demonstrations will be accepted until January 31, 2007 through the User Forum Web site.

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NeHC launches social media

PRACE announces third Tier-0 machine

iRODS 2011 User Group Meeting

Jobs in distributed computing


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