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iSGTW Announcement - SURA releases new Grid Technology Cookbook


Announcement - SURA releases Grid Technology Cookbook

The Grid Technology Cookbook has something for everyone, offering a comprehensive and detailed look at grid technologies developing around the world.
Image courtesy of SURA

The Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) has released the Grid Technology Cookbook as part of their effort to increase the breadth and effective use of cyberinfrastructure.

The Grid Technology Cookbook follows in the spirit of similar Cookbook productions, such as the ViDe Video Conferencing Cookbook, which have been supported or facilitated by SURA but driven by recognized need and content contributions from the academic and research community.

The Cookbook’s educational value and reach will be further extended by interactive feedback mechanisms and a future print version.

This initial version covers topics ranging from broadly useful ideas—such as the concepts behind grid technology and case studies of its usage—to more specific sections geared to individual experience and purpose, such as programming concepts and challenges, or history and directions in grid standards.

In addition to SURA, this first version of the Grid Technology Cookbook was supported through start-up funding from the Open Science Grid and a grant from the Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center. Content and peer review were provided by twenty-two individuals from nineteen organizations.

Stay tuned for more on the Grid Technology Cookbook in an iSGTW feature later this month.

SURA welcomes inquiries and comments on the Grid Technology Cookbook, or other collaborative cyberinfrastructure education and outreach activities, in the SURAgrid kiosk located in the IBM booth next week at SuperComputing ‘07.