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iSGTW Announcement - OTM federated conference, Monterrey, Mexico, 9-14 Nov

Announcement - OnTheMove federated conference, Mexico, 9-14 Nov

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Dates: 9-14 November 2008
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
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OnTheMove (OTM) returns to the North American continent co-locating five related and complementary conferences:

  • DOA: infrastructure,
  • ODBASE: meaning of data,
  • CoopIS: application in organizations,
  • GADA: grid computing, high-performance and distributed applications,
  • IS: information security.

All five conferences share the scientific study of the distributed, conceptual and ubiquitous aspects of modern computing systems, and share the resulting application-pull created by the Web.

  • For DOA'08, the primary emphasis will be on the distributed objects underlying the required archtitectures;
  • ODBASE'08 concentrates on the knowledge bases and methods required for enabling semantical use;
  • CoopIS'08 will report on the state of the art on interaction of such technology and methods within an enterprise or networked organization; and for
  • GADA'08, the focus is on the integration of heterogeneous computing systems and data resources with the aim of providing a global computing space.