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iSGTW Announcement - OSG site administrators workshop

Announcement -  OSG site administrators workshop,Stanford, 13-14 Nov

A hallway of the Stanford quadrangle.

Image courtesy of Chad Eschman,


On November 13 and 14, workshops for OSG site administrators will be held at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. The emphasis will be upon site admininstration topics rather than end-user training, and geared towards installing and maintaining such a site. OSG experts will deliver the talks and conduct the practical tutorials during this-day event.

Work sessions to include:

         o OSG fundamentals, including installing and validating an OSG CE (getting on the OSG)
          o Deploying a Bestman SE (Bestman-Gateway)
          o Deploying a dCache SE
          o Installing an xrootd filesystem on your cluster
          o Redundant ("HA") OSG services: GUMS example
          o Network performance tuning and monitoring
          o Integrating Nagios and RSV as a site-level alarm service
          o Getting the most out of GIP
          o Securing your environment: best practices, tools, checklists, expectations, state of the art security stuff (for site administrators)
          o Troubleshooting

Preparations will be tutorial-like; other technical materials to be prepared in advance by session leaders. Site admins should prepare resources in advance including host certificates, etc.