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iSGTW Announcement - NeAT Call for input: eResearch tools and services

Announcement - NeAT Call for input: eResearch tools and services

The National eResearch Architecture Taskforce (NeAT) is seeking ideas from interested research communities on the ongoing investment strategy for next generation eResearch tools and services.

We seek ideas about the development of new tools and services to transform researcher practice.  Following an iterative process to prioritise and refine these ideas, there is scope to develop a detailed proposal to be submitted to NeAT for consideration and funding.

About NeAT

The National eResearch Architecture Taskforce (NeAT) is a committee of experts established to develop and assist the adoption of new eResearch methods and tools.

NeAT is developing projects that require the support of the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) and/or the Australian Research Collaboration Service (ARCS), as the available funding resides within these activities.

Initial scoping input

The deadline for input is 7 November 2008 and is limited to 2 pages describing:

  • Overview: Summarise the context that leads to this idea.
  • Needs: Describe the needs that this idea seeks to address and outline a project that would address the idea.
  • Users: Identify the research communities and resource providers that this project serves; and any specific data federating or collaborating research groups, and any institutions that will participate by setting requirements or steering this project.

For further information contact:

Dr Paul Coddington
Projects Manager
Australian Research Collaboration Service (ARCS)
Tel: 08 8303-8262
[email protected]

Dr Andrew Treloar
Deputy Director
Australian National Data Service
Tel: 0407 202 501
[email protected]