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Announcement - Stream Computing Workshop

Announcement - Stream Computing Workshop

Pictured here, Stockholm at night. Photo courtesy of venteco at

Registration is now open for a free Stream Computing Workshop which will take place 7-10 December at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden.

The event is jointly sponsored by the Stockholm Stream Computing Center and PRACE. Contributions from AMD, NVIDIA, Stockholm Univeristy and Synvective have been confirmed.

“The workshop will offer an introduction to Open CL and stream/GPU programming. It will consist of lectures and hands-on experiences in using OpenCL on state-of-the-art stream processors It will also offer lectures on stream processor architectures and programming tools for stream processors and multi-core systems. Lectures reporting on successful use of stream processors in scientific applications will also be offered.

The workshop is suitable for scientist and graduate students with interest in exploiting stream processing for applications. It requires good programming experience.”

For more information, or to register for this free event, please visit the workshop website.