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Announcement - SDH-NEERI, 19-20 October, Vienna, Austria

Announcement - SDH-NEERI, 19-20 October, Vienna, Austria

Image courtesy SDH-NEERI

SDH-NEERI (Supporting the Digital Humanities/Networking Event for European Research Infrastructures), NEERI will be held at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

“Supporting the Digital Humanities” is the first conference that is jointly organized by the CLARIN and DARIAH initiatives, which are building the European research infrastructure for the humanities and related disciplines. SDH2010 aims to bring together infrastructure providers and users from the communities involved with the two infrastructure initiatives. The conference will consist of a number of topical sessions where providers and users will present and discuss results, obstacles and opportunities for digitally-supported humanities research. Participants will be encouraged to engage with honest assessments of the intellectual problems and practical barriers in an open and constructive atmosphere.

SDH2010 is organized together with NEERI2010, the second European networking event for research infrastructures. Whereas SHD2010 will focus on the types of research made possible by research computing, NEERI2010 will focus on the technical, architectural and social challenges of building the infrastructure.

“Networking Event for the European Research Infrastructures” is the second Networking Event of its kind, providing a follow-up to NEERI2009 held in Helsinki. The goal of NEERI2010 is to exchange ideas on a number of topics relevant for research infrastructures and to clear common ground on the further development and application of these topics. NEERI focuses on what we share and what we can learn from each other. Examples of such commonalities are architectural issues, communication with users and integration of services and tools.

SDH 2010 will have a special focus on the humanities and social sciences, while NEERI will focus more on general aspects of research infrastructure development across all disciplines, including the natural and life sciences.

For the program and to register, please visit the conference website:

The conference will host a poster exhibition. If you want to present a poster, please contact .

The event will be held during the International Open Access week.