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Announcement - Research and Education in Digital Libraries

Announcement - Research and Education in Digital Libraries

What: Research and Education in Digital Libraries, a one-day seminar jointly organised by, DILL International Master and the University of Parma

Venue: 9 November 2010, Biblioteca Civica, University of Parma, Vicolo Santa Maria 5, Parma, Italy

Registration: Participation to the seminar is free, but for organizational reasons it is necessary to register in advance. Please send an email with your name and your affiliation to . has forged an alliance with Digital Library Learning (DILL), a Master Programme under the European Union's Erasmus Mundus Programme, for a one-day seminar on Research and Education in Digital Libraries on 9 Novermber 2010 in Parma, Italy. The seminar aims to energise thinking on shaping the landscape in terms of sharing research results across the EU, pinpointing research topics at PhD level and the transferring research results on interoperability.


The information society in general and digital libraries in particular can be researched from different perspectives and angles: Digital libraries are, for example, technological systems and can be researched as such; but they are also organizations and they can be researched also in that respect; they are arenas for information seeking behaviour and for social processes such as learning and knowledge sharing, which can be another dimension of research; they are collections of content that need curation (collection, description, preservation, retrieval, etc); they are social institutions with a social mandate, and as such they are affected by social, demographic and legal issues.

This one-day seminar offers a forum for discussion between the research communities participating in the activities and the communities of Digital Library education in Europe. The main aim of the seminar is to start a dialogue about research and education in digital library and to explore ways for a closer cooperation between them.


The Seminar aims to stimulate discussion and achieve the following objectives:

  • Start discussing how to implement a European scale mechanism for exchanging, sharing and integrating research results into education in digital libraries
  • Start defining research topics suitable for PhD students to ease the integration of research done in European projects and research done in Universities
  • Discuss how the interoperability research results of can be transferred to education in digital libraries

Further information and the programme can be found at the dedicated seminar web pages.