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Announcement - Remote participation, TF-MEDIA conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 5-6 November

Announcement - Remote participation, TF-MEDIA conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 5-6 November

Image courtesy Terena.

In response to requests from the research and education networking community, TERENA is offering remote and on-site participation options to the upcoming preparation meeting for TF-Media. Located in Prague, Czech Republic on 5-6 November, this meeting is being organized to finalize the draft TF-Media terms of reference so that a clear vision is finalized, including objectives and potential deliverables, along with corresponding timelines and voluntary leaders.

Expected to launch in January 2010, TF-Media is a new task force for the research and education (and related) communities which aims to collect and exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences about the technical, administrative and legal aspects of multimedia production, management and distribution workflows.

Spread out over two half-days, the meeting will include an overview of national media management activities, deployments, and services by Frans Ward (SURFnet) including a review by Maciej Glowiak of the 4K initiative and infrastructure of Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). Michal Krsek (CESNET) will present a session on coordinating/collaborating media production, management, and distribution service development and deployment activities and Jose Maria Fontanillo (RedIRIS) will speak about fostering federated media content and/or metadata repositories.

Read more about the full agenda, including the second day of non-technical talks here.

Online remote participation

We are pleased to offer the ability for participants to attend the workshop online. Those planning on participating remotely are requested to register online in advance, by clicking on the button called "Inform me about similar events". An Adobe Connect room will be available for interactive chat and slide streaming during the meeting. Remote participants need a web browser and Flash player installed on their computer.

Local meeting

Attendees of the meeting in Prague will be treated to a tour of Barrandov Studios, one of the largest and oldest film studios in Europe, at the end of day one.

Further information

TF-Media homepage

Don't hesitate to contact TERENA's Peter Szegedi or Carrie Solomon.