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Announcement - Registration open, Computing and Astroparticle Physics-ASPERA, Lyon, France

Announcement - Registration open, Computing and Astroparticle Physics-ASPERA, Lyon, France

Photo courtesy ASPERA

Registration is now open for Computing and Astroparticle Physics-ASPERA, to be hold in Lyon, France from 07 October to 08 October 2010.

Astroparticle Physics has grown in a few years from a field of a few charismatic pioneers transgressing interdisciplinary frontiers to a global science activity projecting very large infrastructures involving hundreds of researchers each. In particular, the large infrastructures proposed in the ASPERA Roadmap will face challenging problems of data collection, data storage and data mining. In some of these, the cost of computing will be a significant fraction of the cost of the infrastructure and the issues of model of computation, data mining complexity and public access will be extremely challenging.

In the Lyon workshop these issues will be addressed, along with data storage and analysis models developed in neighboring fields such as particle physics (grid and cloud computing, large databases) and astrophysics (virtual observatories, public access). Some more specific astroparticle physics issues will also be addressed, including intelligent distributed data gathering and heterogeneous data fusion.

The computing models developed up to now for some of the forthcoming astroparticle observatories (CTA, KM3net, Auger, VIRGO/LIGO, LSST) will be reviewed. The availability of environmental data collected by these observatories to geosciences and the education network (outreach) will be addressed. Finally, the links with the existing centers of particle physics and astrophysics will be also discussed.