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Announcement - Open Source Tools Released by RESERVOIR to Support Cloud Deployment and Usage

Announcement - Open Source Tools Released by RESERVOIR to Support Cloud Deployment and Usage

Image courtesy RESERVOIR

Several key components of the RESERVOIR architecture are being released as open source middleware you can download from the RESERVOIR website and integrate to build your own open source cloud infrastructure.

The Claudia platform offers a Service Management toolkit to deploy and control the scalability of service among a public, private or hybrid IaaS cloud. It provides a Dashboard and a standard TCloud API based on OVF to support provisioning of PaaS and SaaS. The Claudia platform is available through the Morfeo open source community.

The Claudia platform can also be integrated with the OpenNebula cloud management framework. OpenNebula is an open source toolkit, with excellent performance and scalability to manage tens of thousands of virtual machines, with high integration capabilities to fit into any existing data center, and with the most advanced functionality for building private, public and hybrid clouds.

It provides the most common cloud interfaces to expose its functionality for virtual machine, storage and network management. The OpenNebula platform is available under Apache license on its community site and on the Morfeo open source community. Explanations are available on how to integrate the Claudia and the OpenNebula platforms.

To help secure the integrated Claudia and OpenNebula platforms, security services are also planned for release on Morfeo. The security services provide access control for the public interfaces of the IaaS cloud, and allow securing an IaaS federation. Role based access control will protect both the Claudia and OpenNebula public interfaces. Role based access control is provided in combination with X509 certificates to provide authorization, authentication and integrity checks. Security services are also provided to secure the IaaS federation. They allow providing authentication between data centers within a cloud federation, and enforcing global security policies in a federation.

Details on RESERVOIR training can be accessed from the ‘Technical Information’ section.

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