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Announcement - Grid school for site administrators, 16-20 November, Cape Town, South Africa

Announcement - Grid school for site administrators, 16-20 November, Cape Town, South Africa

Photo of Cape Town, South Africa. The famous flat top of Table Mountain, unofficial symbol of Cape Town, silhouetted at left in background. Courtesy Carel-Piet van Eeden, stock.xchng

The SAGrid project, together with EPIKH and EGEE will be hosting a one-week grid school for site administrators. Registration is open to any experts interested in gaining a better understanding of the services provided, how they may benefit their respective user communities and how they are used in the national infrastructure.

However, places are limited to 25.

Registration is now open, see the event agenda for more details.

The one-week school for grid site administrators focuses on grid middleware installation, configuration and testing, in order to be able to manage a grid site below to a production e-Infrastructure. The training program will include lectures on the principles, technologies, experience and exploitation of the grid paradigm, but about half of the school consist of hands-on sessions, giving participants the possibility to gain concrete expertise on different middleware site services.

To support the hands-on laboratory sessions, a testbed will be established that will host the widely-used gLite middleware produced by EGEE projects and which will provide a rich environment for hands-on learning and experimentation. Exercises and team work will encourage students to learn by using this testbed.

We expect participants from computer science, computational science and any application discipline. The School will assume that students have diverse backgrounds and build on existing experience with shell programming, operating systems (Linux-flavors and Windows XP) and computer languages (python, C++, perl).