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iSGTW - Image of the Week: One view of the LHC


Image of the week - One view of the LHC

(Click on this link or the photo above to get the rotating, 360-degree, panoramic view, with natural sound.)

One view of the Large Hadron Collider

To give an idea of the enormity of the project at CERN, Peter McCready took a series of panoramic views of each of the  experiments. Last week, we showed ALICE, here's a view of one portion of the LHC. 

McCready creates these images using digital cameras mounted atop a customized tripod apparatus that allows him to take wrap-around images of up to a complete 360 rotation. Each image requires more than one hundred separate, individual photoraphs to be shot, which are then stitched together to form one seamless spherical image. The completed photo takes up 40MP.

Image courtesy of Peter McCready



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