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iSGTW & GridCast go to Taipei

Image of iSGTW poster for ISGC 2012 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Image courtesy André-Pierre Olivier.

This week researchers will be gathering for the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds 2012 (ISGC 2012) in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference runs from the 26th February to the 2nd March and this year marks the 10 year anniversary of an event that has covered the collaboration, innovation, and growth of Asia-Pacific e-scientists.         

Presenters will discuss the latest in clouds, grids, high-performance computing, and volunteer computing. Scientific subjects range from high-energy physics, biomedicine and life sciences, natural disaster mitigation, business models and sustainability, humanities and the social sciences, and virtualization.

ISGTW’s Asia-Pacific editor Vivian Chang will be at ISGC 2012. Feel free to discuss with or send any story ideas to her.

The e-Science Talk project will also be blogging live from the event, with a team of expert and journalist bloggers, so you won’t miss out. Follow the GridCast blog to keep up with the action.

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