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The Internet of things

the internet of things


In 2020, there will be four billion people and 31 billion devices connected to the Internet according to ‘The Internet of Things’ infographic released by Intel last month.

The IT giant has tried to show the myriad devices connected to the Internet and milestones of Internet history. Highlights include the first Internet-connected computer in 1960, to the birth of the World Wide Web in the 90s and first connected games console – the Sega Dreamcast if you didn’t already know. It even includes BMW’s full in-car Internet and Apple’s iPAD.

While it does have a few interesting facts, the point is to show the explosion in Internet-connected devices - from more than five billion internet today and increasing exponentially. 

“The Internet may already be huge, but it’s about to get a lot bigger,” Intel wrote in their statement about the infographic.

Even though the personal computer (highlighted in blue in the infographic) still remains the most prominent device on the Internet at the moment, this may not be the case in the near future. Internet connectivity is now embedded into fitness equipment, factory robots, TVs and even vending machines.

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