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Image of the week - Traffic visual

Image of the week - Traffic visual

This visualization of traffic flow in downtown Chicago was created using data generated by TRANSIMS, the TRansportation ANalysis and SIMulation System.

TRANSIMS is a regional transportation modeling and simulation software environment, used in this case to generate data that represents car paths. In order to bring that data to life, those car paths were converted into trajectories. Next, the trajectories were read into a data visualization plug-in called Maya, which was developed by Alex Betts at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications’ Advanced Visualization Laboratory. The finishing touch was to add accurate models of buildings.

TRANSIMS is part of the US Department of Transportation’s Travel Model Improvement Program. In order to create the Chicago version of TRANSIMS, AVL has been collaborating with the Argonne National Laboratory TRACC Center.

What next? According to the AVL website, “AVL’s Matt Hall is creating an interactive software tool that allows researchers to refine data dynamically and update the visualization so that the simulation can be studied anew.”

For a selection of videos demonstrating TRANSIMS visualizations, please visit the NCSA’s Transportation Simulations page.

—Miriam Boon, iSGTW

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