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Image - Do you speak grid?

Image of the Week - Do you speak grid?

Image courtesy GridTalk


Coming to you live from Sweden is the EGEE UserForum, the last event before handing over the reigns to EGI. Thanks to GridTalk’s GridCast, you can get much the same experience as those attending in person.

You can get the latest via twitter, see and hear events by podcast, and enjoy the highlights .

Held from 12 April to 15 March, the event promises to showcase grid technologies and connect developers, users and newcomers to distributed computing.

Can’t make it in person? With GridCast, you will be there virtually to catch the latest — minus the region's traditional repast of pickled herring, shellfish and aquavit (a chilled drink which the San Francisco Chronicle said is the source of over 9,000 Swedish drinking songs).

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