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Link - What are the odds?


Link of the Week: What are the odds?

Image courtesy Paddy Power

With the Large Hadron Collider started up, Paddy Power — Ireland’s largest online bookmaker — has started offering odds as to what the world’s largest machine will discover, and in what order.

The bookie is offering 11-to-10 odds that dark matter (no longer a dark horse candidate) will be found before black holes. And 8-to-1 odds that black holes will be first.

Dark energy sits at 12-to-1 odds.

And the site says that there is a 100-to-1 chance that the LHC will find God. Not the “god particle” — aka the Higg’s Boson —  but something bigger.

A spokesman for Paddy Power told the UK’s Daily Telegraph that “confirmation of God’s existence would have to be verified by scientists and given by an independent authority before any payouts were made, however.”


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