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iSGTW - Link of the Week: LHC, the underground movie

Link of the Week - LHC, the (underground) movie

Image courtesy of Alpinekat, some dancers who prefer to remain anonymous, YouTube and US LHC Blog

So, you think you have already heard of all the  ways in which the work of the Large Hadron Collider can be described?

But have you seen the underground version?

A music video was done on-site, in rap form, with portions filmed below ground in the tunnel near the supercooled magnets, making for a truly cool  movie.

Posted to YouTube, it was put on the website of US LHC Blog—a neat site which has all kinds of unexpected stuff about particle physics, from A to Z. (Atlas to Z particle.)

As for the rap, people posting to the US LHC Blog said it is not only “phat” (an acronym which The Online Slang Dictionary speculates could mean “pretty hot and tasty”) but has “mass.”

See for yourself! 

Dan Drollette, iSGTW

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