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iSGTW Link of the week - B.U.R.P

Link of the week - B.U.R.P

This animation, intended to run in slow motion, was rendered using BURP, a project that uses BOINC software to gather spare CPU cycles in to a working professional-grade render farm.
Animation by Schosch Productions

BURP—or the Big and Ugly Rendering Project—is an alpha-phase project using BOINC-powered distributed computing to create a large, shared and publicly accessible render farm for generating 3D animations.

The BURP render farm will be powered by its participants: artists who contribute their spare CPU cycles can themselves benefit from distributed access to the farm of spare cycles contributed by colleagues.

The result? Professional, computer-generated rendering from your desktop, without the need to invest in expensive specialist equipment: animations that would take months to render on a single CPU can be completed in just days, and for a fraction of the price.

The BURP Web site went online on 17 June 2004 and the project has since worked its way through several test phases. These tests show that distributed rendering of 3D animations is not only possible, but also has the potential to rival even high-end commercial render farms. BURP currently supports Blender rendering software.

This project is still in its testing phase and does not yet provide the security and stability of a full-blown BOINC project. Since it is still under development, certain restrictions apply to involvement.


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