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iSGTW Announcement - Funding for GridPP3

Announcement - Funding for GridPP3

Grid computing in the United Kingdom has been boosted with the announcement of ₤30m further funding for GridPP, the UK’s particle physics grid. This will allow the project to continue into its third phase, until 2011, expanding its grid to 20 thousand CPUs and covering the period when CERN’s Large Hadron Collider starts taking data.

The announcement came from the UK’s Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, now the Science and Technology Facilities Council. Professor Keith Mason, then CEO of PPARC said, “With phases one and two of GridPP successfully demonstrating the grid concept, phase 3 will now put it into action as the data starts coming in.”

The GridPP3 grant will cover areas including staff and hardware at the particle physics grid sites in the UK, and more general support such as security and operations management.