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Announcement - WLCG middleware from CESGA

Announcement - WLCG middleware from CESGA

Image courtesy CESGA

Parts of the middleware that the WLCG relies upon will come from software developed by the Super-computing Center of Galicia, Spain (CESGA), a super-computing center that has developed an accounting portal for gLite middleware.

This portal is used to analyse the computer usage on the grid network to primarily understand, from a statistical perspective, the distribution of resources." target="_blank">CESGA will continue to maintain the accounting portal when the EGI is in full swing and will collaborate with grid projects in each European country under the EGI umbrella. These countries will have their own National Grid Initiatives (NGI) that will feed back to EGI management.

Additionally, the Galician Super-computing center has developed a metrics portal, which automatically gathers information to quantify, and objectively measure project progress and achievements quickly. Moreover, CESGA is currently collaborating with the LIP Association (Portugal) who work on experimental high-energy physics and associated instrumentation, and Imperial College London, to develop GridEngine software -- a batch system.

They also provide data resources and maintain ‘Tier 2’ networks on the grid such as the Laboratory for High Energy Physics of the University of Santiago, USC, which is responsible for receiving and analyzing the data from the LHCb experiment at CERN.

In addition to working on data analysis for the LHCb, CESGA is also currently involved in working with the three other main experiments at the LHC, which are ATLAS, CMS and ALICE.